Thursday, February 15, 2018

The NRA Cult and the New Normal

I am sick of seeing this Florida high school shooting tragedy all over the news.  Let's move on!  Why? Because this is our new normal.I have accepted it. The NRA cult has seen to it that guns will forever be available to whoever has a notion to kill.

They claim that it isn't the guns but mental health or Hollywood that is really to blame while not lifting a finger to do anything about those things, either. I think they know better.

No nation on Earth has a shortage of the mentally ill. They all have access to Hollywood's most violent films. Yet, the USA is the only advanced country with this problem.

So, that is it, then. We have cowards in Washington that do not want to stand up to the NRA because they are afraid they will have to get a real job if NRA money defeats them at the polls. Then there is the NRA cult following that parrot their master's mantra while more and more kids get killed.

There is nothing left to argue. If the killing of twenty kids (only six and seven years old) at Sandy Hook is not going to prompt action, another high school shooting will surely not do it. We can just train ourselves to say, "That's a shame," when these things happen from now on - if we try hard enough.

We can know these things for certain:

1. The 2nd Amendment is more important that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
2. People are mentally weak and have higher priorities than the lives of their neighbors or their neighbor's children; and
3. School shootings are the new normal.

So, let's get it off the news and turn the station to watch old episodes of Duck Dynasty. God Bless America!